About Eyekon eClass

Who We Are?

“eyekoneclass.lk” is an educational website where school learners can study all their school syllabus online. “eyekoneclass.lk” provides courses mainly focusing on G. C. E. Advanced Level students. Apart from the Advanced Level students, “eyekoneclass.lk” also provides courses for students who are facing G. C. E. Ordinary Level examination and courses for other professional qualifications like certificate level, diploma level and chartered level.

All the courses are being conducted by leading and fully qualified a panel of teachers in the Island. With the direct guidance of the teachers, students follow their syllabus. At “eyekoneclass.lk”, conduct online examinations and will be assessed the student’s progress accordingly. The students of “eyekoneclass.lk” can directly ask questions from the teacher and collaboratively work towards to achieve the goals of success.

What We


Under the guidance of well experienced as well as a good leader, we march forward to gaining the excellence of the online classes in Sri Lanka’s number one institute while revolutionizing the education in Sri Lanka. With the current situation of the world, we change our teaching culture towards the online world while providing uninterrupted learning mind of students. Our vision is becoming the leader of online classes, discovering the knowledgeable and skilled professionals to the labor industry in the world.


As teachers, we instill the belief in our students that they can achieve anything. With years of experience in teaching excellence, our mission is to teach and improve our students to gain their best results for their upcoming examinations and build the environment to maximize their potentials. In addition to teaching, we improve our student’s skills and good attitudes. We will treat students as individuals and try to meet their intellectual and emotional needs. Finally, our utmost aim for fulfilling the need for good people in society.

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